As you might know from our very first blog post, farmee has modest goals like reinventing urban food production and solving the future food crisis. We will do so by simplifying smart farming, effectively building an accessible open software and hardware platform to manage and control your farm and crops.

As an early stage startup, we still have to figure out a lot to achieve our goals. And we know, of course, that we have a long way to go. What is already set though, is where we will be while figuring things out. And we’re always open for visitors, in case you’re interested what we’re doing around here.

Growing, together

The old factory building of Leitz, a famous german office supplies company, is located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. It is currently a huge construction site, since production moved away some years ago. Today, the old building is set to become one of Europe’s biggest Innovation Campuses.

On 36,000 square meters, our friends at LIVE AT WORK are developing their vision of the future of work: shared offices, startup and company spaces, a machine park and a maker’s market place, fitness club, a restaurant, bistros as well as a rooftop terrace to meet, work and enjoy everything LIVE AT STUTTGART – the projects name – has to offer.

A project of this magnitude isn’t done over night and we are more than grateful that farmee is a part of this story from the very beginning, peacefully co-existing on the construction site. While the construction workers are busy getting the other areas ready for new tenants, we have found our base on the seventh floor, together with the corporate startup platform Pioniergeist, their residential startup teams and the startup studio hatchery.

Isn’t that the perfect surrounding to invent the future of farming?




Why is farmee and LIVE AT STUTTGART such a good fit?

A cornerstone of the LIVE AT STUTTGART concept is the close proximity of all tenants on campus and the synergetic opportunities generated, when working together and repeatedly meeting in the community areas.

A basic idea is to create value cycles within the campus, where startups, corporates and artists not only become co-workers, but also inspiring customers or partners in crime.

With farmee, we want to be the first startup to fully embrace this spirit by not only working at the premises, but also becoming a supplier for the campuses restaurant. We already have two prototype racks here, which are currently our base for development purposes, but we’ll make that lab a permanent institution – and always open for anyone interested. Last but not least, we’ll try to install a fancy showroom on-site, suitable for educational purposes and events of any kind.

Today, as you can see in the image below, our base is a bit less glittery, but has all the magic of a fresh start in an inspiring environment!

Hard at work in the farmee office.

To sum it up:

  1. You can visit us anytime, just give us a shout beforehand, so we can safely guide you through the construction site
  2. If you do so, you can see two working prototype racks in our lab as well as witness the birth of our operating system farmee.OS
  3. We have great plans for farmee and LIVE AT STUTTGART, e.g. using the community area to create a showroom and other knowledge touch points to get the idea of open smart farming out there
  4. We’re planning a cooperation with the on-site restauraunt to produce and deliver food that is truly homegrown..

Join us in the forum and tell us your ideas about this place!